It’s all a matter of perspective


A matter of perspective

Two Faces or a Vase? Old or Young Lady? 10 Simple but Wonderful Optical Illusions


"A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


When you look at these pictures what do you see? A beautiful girl or an old hag? A vase or two faces?


It's a matter of perspective and how we view what we are looking at. Life situations are like that too. Glass half full, glass half empty.


When we are presented with and create life scenarios which are reflected back through another's lens there are times when they bare absolutely no resemblance to original thoughts and intentions. It can be immensely hurtful and confusing (for both parties without doubt). The only way forward is with an open heart, kindness and compassion however much we're stinging with indignation and disbelief. Trouble is, if either side of the equation is unable or unwilling to loosen the grip of their perspective shit happens!! Today was one of those tough occasions.


It's not up for discussion. Am just saying because I promised this would be real. Whatever learnings the universe is offering with this multitude of emotional challenges I have no clue. I can't imagine what the bigger picture looks like for me and I can't climb inside someone else's head. I can't view the world from where they are. I will without doubt though emerge head held high and a song in my heart.


Sending love, light and Reiki to ease any remaining ragged edges and a remembering that it really is all a matter of perspective x



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