Let go of limiting beliefs about who you are.

limiting beliefs



What’s your story?


Being steeped in our version of our stories is such a big sticking point. Once we begin to recognise that we actually create our reality with our thoughts things begin to change. The limiting beliefs we keep repeating to ourselves over and over literally manifest into tangible life events – it can stop our joy in its tracks. When awareness eventually dawns about the limiting beliefs we’re carrying around we become so potently powerful we are capable of completely about turning our perception of awful situations easily and effortlessly.

Let me give you an example,

Last week I concluded a short program of mentoring for something specific in my business. I made a rash decision and initially patted myself on the back for taking inspired action. (I really ought to be a Gemini you know cos there never seems to be a happy medium between being madly impulsive and excruciating procrastination). Well, in turned out to be one of the most soul sucking experiences of my life. I hated every moment and I kept plodding on regardless – it was like I was scratching at an open wound and all the time imagining how awful the final face to face encounter would be, and you know that’s exactly what I got.

What I was actually doing was reviving an old story of destructive criticism so that the old hurts surfaced and I initially had someone else’s behaviour to blame. This time instead of it being a significant other I was faced with similar scenario from someone with no emotional connection. Isn’t it bizarre how powerful we are?


Longish story short –

I caught myself in the act of my own old behaviour and responses – I recognised what was going on – I changed my reactions – admittedly it took a moment or two and I did don the mantle of another old guise – that of a mouse who kept quiet, went through the motions and skedaddled of there as quickly as possible. The brilliant thing was that I wasn’t crushed by the opinions of someone I had zero respect for. On this occasion I left with my head held high and my self belief intact even though the very public critique had been damning.

I’m fully aware I had given my power away throughout the whole ‘ordeal’to someone I disliked on sight in a vain hope that something good might come out of it. The whole force of my personality was completely lost in the presence of that individual and I had made her the villain of the piece because truthfully I hadn’t listened to my intuition and baled out.¬† Hindsight is a wonderful thing!


Every cloud has a silver lining 

I recognised what was going on, managed a situation I should never have willingly put myself into and eliminated a load of old fears. So, when reframed it was a powerful experience I had manifested for myself in order to rid myself of some energetic c**p! Plus I’ve received a couple of offers of help from women I truly trust and admire and who actually ‘get’ where I’m coming from.

Moral of the story – watch your thoughts.

Notice what you are manifesting in your life.

Maybe you’re stuck in a scenario at the moment where something or someone reminds you of uncomfortable/distressing past events.

If you are, ask yourself,

“What’s my part in this?”

“What are my expectations?”

“How can I alter my own behaviour for this to have a better outcome?”


Please share your stories below

You never know how you might heighten someone else’s awareness and how they too might turn it around to fly into a more joyful future.



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