Let’s get real …. It’s time to celebrate


Okay ... Enough!!!


That's a word I've thought about over and over again recently.

Enough worry, enough sadness, enough trying to figure out what happens next. And you know what ...

Enough really is enough!


Even for a glass half full person like me some information is just enough to tip them over the edge into a chasm of murky existence of 'What if?'  'I have no control' and 'What will happen if their predictions come true?'

I'd like to ask you though ... Does this kind of information really have to dictate our daily existence? Isn't it time to take a look at what's really happening here?


Isn't it time to celebrate just who we are and what we have in this moment in time?


Yes, there's a diagnosis that would strike fear into the heart of any living being. But it is just that - a diagnosis - an opinion based on medical facts with a prognosis (which I choose to be ignorant of) based on numbers of vastly differing people, bodily conditions, mindsets etc. None of which takes into account how unique we, you, me, I am/are. There isn't any consideration of how unwavering love, faith, support, belief, knowledge and personal experience can influence the outcome. Well I'm done with it! I have given enough time and energy to my fears, ruminating on the imponderables and not nearly enough consideration to the things that make this life worth living.



What I've experienced over the past few months has swelled my heart with such pride and joy I hardly have words to express how it feels. Connection is my thing, I think most peeps would take that as a given and yet I truthfully had no clue as to what that actually meant for me on a personal level outside my beautiful family and friends and to say they have stepped up would be the understatement of the century. The daily messages of encouragement, assistance, visits, snippets of information and research, beautiful thoughts, gifts of kindness and love have moved me to the point of overwhelm.



It's all too easy to cling to the 'uncomfortable' things - the words we don't want to hear, the difficult choices we may have to make, the long standing friend who couldn't cope and ran in the opposite direction, the ones we protected and kept there for reasons now unbeknown to even us, and when they're all taken away then what? Well, not a lot and everything at the same time if you know what I mean? There's a space of 'what is'. And 'what is' is  pretty spectacular from where I'm standing.


From here on in every single day I'm gonna stand up and celebrate being alive in my world full of stunning companions both close to home and far away knowing that the ones who left have made space for wonderful others to enter my world and for the ones who were already here to flourish and grow and for this I am eternally grateful x



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