When do you feel most inspired?

“Life should be a constant inspiration” Paramahansa Yogananda


InspirationSo many people and things inspire me.

For me inspiration is like the wind beneath your wings that lifts you higher – it sparks your imagination, allows you to perceive your own possibilities and gives you the energy and strength to fly higher than you ever dreamed.  I just love the feeling of inspiring confidence to enable you to focus on your strengths and help you to appreciate the light within yourself.



The word “inspire” comes from the Latin inspirae, which means “to breathe life into something or someone.”


Sources of inspiration are infinite and varied; they arise whether inner or outer from countless areas of life and for different reasons.
Inspiration can change lives.
Motivation may wane after a while – inspiration on the other hand changes something deep inside you.


I am Inspired

When someone makes a difference I’m inspired.

When I can make a difference I’m inspired.

I am inspired when I can create, share and help women achieve lasting differences in their lives.

I am inspired when I ‘m given answers and don’t know why.

I am inspired when someone says or does something that touches my heart.

I am inspired when I share something that helps others.

I am inspired when I’m left saying “wow” because I have no other words to describe how I feel.

I  am inspired by transparency, honesty, clarity and simplicity.

I am inspired by those who transcend their limitations and overcome challenges.

I am inspired when I see people not give up hope despite things going awry.



“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” Thomas Edison


25 years ago I was privileged to have a boss, friend, mentor who saw something in me way beyond anything I could ever have recognised for myself. It was quite mystifying – Jill(with a J) trusted in my abilities – she gave me opportunities – nudging me beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone – she believed in me – she encouraged me to Spread My Wings and Fly. She was my inspiration. She died leaving a gaping hole where her shining presence should have been in mine and lots of other people’s lives and yet her energy, love and passion live on.

Her magical presence is still around – over a decade later she was the inspiration for my Dare To Be You! Workshops – such is the legacy of being inspirational.




What is it about them that inspired you, and what did it motivate you to accomplish?
Did they somehow “mentor” you in the process? Or, perhaps you’ve never thought of it in those terms.



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