Life’s a Bitch & Then You Die




During a presentation recently I asked if the audience could recall a time in their life when everything came together and all was well in the world. The number of shuddering bodies and shaking heads caught me by surprise.


It was really interesting to observe and highlighted a common ground that I’m sure many of us encounter.


Many women view life as an uphill struggle.


I hear comments like “Life’s a bitch and then you die!” and “What’s the point?”

They lurch from crisis to crisis in their attempts to survive situations they feel are out of their control or they settle for ‘less than’ because, although it’s mighty uncomfortable the alternative may be even worse.  I’m certainly not dismissing the fact that life can and does often feel like hard work – events and happenings can feel like they have been specifically sent to throw us off kilter and believe me I’m not immune.

When viewed through the survival lens, life feels harsh and unfair.
This is when dreams, desires and intentions get sidelined and tucked firmly away out of the light of day. It’s a slippery slope to an existence where the joy of living is engulfed by duty and feelings of powerlessness and obligation.


Thriving is the polar opposite of surviving.


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It’s about unleashing your unlimited potential and embracing the energy of your possibilities. Thriving is grounded in imagination and creativity. Thriving comes from standing at the edge of the unknown and daring to step out with the faith that there is a net to catch you.


Thriving is an act of self love.


It isn’t possible to cling onto the restraints of a survival mindset and thrive at the same time.
In order to thrive you have no option but to let go and step out of of the limiting beliefs and boundaries that keep you stuck.

So what does it take in order to make the shift from just surviving to thriving?

Here are 4 areas of Limiting Beliefs that will keep you stuck firmly in the rut of surviving. What can you let go of to set you on the path to totally thriving?


Limiting beliefs about who you are.


Being steeped in our version of our stories is such a big sticking point. Once we begin to recognise our limiting beliefs and that we actually create our reality with our thoughts things begin to change. What we keep telling ourselves over and over literally manifests into tangible life events – it can stop our joy in its tracks. When awareness eventually dawns we become so potently powerful we are capable of completely about turning our perception of awful situations easily and effortlessly.



Limiting beliefs about how much abundance you can have.


Manifesting what you want in your life is dependent on letting go of what I call ‘Lack mentality’

It is about being open to the possibilities and recognizing that everything we desire is lined up outside our door if only we could allow it in. Do yourself a favour, read and thoroughly absorb the principles of the book ‘Ask And it is Given’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Yes, I know at first blush it’s a bit of a ‘woo woo’ concept but keep with it. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how it will change the way you experience the world and what is available to you.


Limiting beliefs about safety and security.


Remembering once again that our thoughts create our reality makes us aware that our fears and doubts cause us to limit ourselves and prevent a experience of freedom and expansion. I’m not suggesting fool hardy actions or blatantly putting yourself in danger, of course not. Try limiting your access to news bulletins for a start, and the negativity of news headlines and watch some of those fears subside.


Limiting beliefs about our relationships with others.


I shared earlier how I had manifested by own nemesis. How do you do it in your life?  Surround yourself only with people who will take you higher. Listen to your instincts. If you can’t eliminate the negative energy suckers in your immediate surroundings at least observe how you interact with them and step out of the situations and conversations that bring you down.

I always reassure clients, especially new ones, that we don’t make changes in one fell swoop. Change usually takes time to implement. I encourage small steps, raising awareness and shifting the energy of old experiences so that the transition is seamless.


If you are ready to shift away from Surviving to the freedom of ease and Thriving ask yourself this question:


“What Limiting Beliefs are you prepared to acknowledge and release, starting today?


Go do it …
Begin today


And please do share how you feel about the difference between Thriving and just Surviving in the space below x



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