Live beyond Limits

 Live beyond Limits. Believe in possibilities

If your life were a book, and you were the author                                                    
How would you want your story to go?

YSPI always tell my kids and my friends that when I get to the end of my journey the two words I won’t be able to say are  ‘If only’.  In this lifetime we have to do what matters, we have to feeeel what we want to feel, go where we want to go, and be who we wish to be. Life is not a rehearsal and if we feel empty and unfulfilled, well, there’s just one person who can do something about it and that is us, you and me. We simply have to believe in the possibilites available to us.



And yes, I can hear some of you declare, ‘Just because you can up and go backpacking in India, volunteering in Bosnia, tripping off to Oz at the drop of a hat, it doesn’t mean we can too.’  Of course not, that’s not what I’m saying, that’s my journey.  Although I am going to qualify my actions here by telling you that some of those ‘biggies’ came as a result of taking many, many, often uncomfortable, baby steps, huge leaps of faith, and, having the courage to be vulnerable whilst following my passion and imagination.



Do you believe in possibilities?


Sometimes we say ‘If only’ because we missed the opportunity to tell someone we loved or appreciated them and what they do. We make a choices to do something other than the thing that feeds us, that fills us up, we didn’t do, say be, what we would like to and almost always it comes down to us – we didn’t take a chance, make the time, feel courageous enough. And you know, it doesn’t have to be an epic adventure, it can be little unexpected things that make a difference to you and the quality of your life.



You have the capacity to define who you are and do and say what you want.  Sometimes a kind word, an unexpected ‘I love you’, the touch of a hand makes a huge difference to yours and someone else’s day. And, one little action can move you closer to what it is you wish for.  Take a moment, or two, or three to reacquaint yourself with your dream, and remember, what goes around comes around which usually means more good things happen.


So, with this in mind what little step, or boundful leap can you make today to eradicate the possibility of ‘if only’ from your life?



‘In our minds we can do anything, we can be anything, it’s believing in those dreams and facing our fears head on that allows us to live out lives beyond our limits.’


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Watch this video of Amy Purdy’s talk ‘Living Beyond Limits’ and be inspired!



What matters to YOU?  Can you even contemplate Living beyond limits?

Believe in possibilities DARE TO BE YOU!

Go do it and please, come back here and share x


  1. Columbia Jones on July 3, 2012 at 11:56 pm

    Hi Sunshine Sally,

    Brilliant video here with Amy Purdy! It lends a new perspective to the limiting belief of “I can’t because … ”

    Very inspirational.


    • admin on July 7, 2012 at 11:59 am

      Isn’t she amazing Columbia! I had no idea what the talk would be about and was spellbound by Amy Purdy’s courage and how she embraced and conquered every possibility.

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