Living Down To Expectations



The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.  Michelangelo




Are you familiar with the story of ‘Great Expectations’?  It’s been a great favourite of mine since I used to watch the grainy BBC versions of my childhood.  Yep, that gives you an idea of how old I am, but you know what, I’m over it already.

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– how far you believe you can go, what you feel you can do and what others will think when you do.




  • Were you ever told, “Don’t have expectations and you won’t be disappointed”?
  • Did you ever give up on something or not even try because someone told you it was too difficult?
  • Does everything have to be done perfectly because you’re scared to ‘fail’?
  • Do you forgo what you dream of because you think others might find it foolish?
  • Are you scared of the consequences of disappointing other people because you can’t live up to their expectations?
  • Even worse – have you ever lived DOWN to their expectations?



I sure as heck have!  I had a step father who’s mantra was, “I’m not keeping a woman in her idleness – girls just leave school, get married and have kids. And guess what I did …..?  (side note here – my son was the most magnificent creation in my life up until that date and for many years to come).



Thing is, I was bright.  Highest stream in grammar school bright, but because academic achievement was for other people and not even a consideration in my family my dreams of art college were about as believable as the moon being made of blue cheese.  Because I had embodied their beliefs from a very young age my life and personal expectations were severely limited.  I was kept where I ‘belonged’  – Until I had the courage to listen to the inner nudges and knowings that wouldn’t stay quiet ’til I thought my head would burst – Until I decided to explore my own possibilities.



What I know for sure is that many people never reach their potential because of the doubts put there by others.  What I also know is that it is totally doable to move from that place of limitation which I’m convinced causes all kinds of sadness and depression.  We are meant to express our unique abilities, to share our gifts and our light in the world, to experience the joy of who we are.  What I want for you is to raise your expectations for yourself – it is allowed and highly desirable!



No one rises to low expectations – Les Brown


“I take away the reinforcement of ME being responsible for my own feelings, and whilst I am unable to change the actions of the past or others, only I can change how they make ME feel. Excellent!”

Marie Cragg, Rotherham



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What limiting expectations are you prepared to rise above and how are you going to shine?


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