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As a rule I gently open my eyes to subtle morning thoughts that tip toe into and gently dance around my mind inviting me to engage and expand.


Today was very different ... I was nudged into the light of day by a realisation barging through the veil of consciousness with symbols crashing and drums banging.

There was no way I'm going to be able to ignore the message for one more second and it is SO simple it's really really BIG.


What is it I actually Do?

It's a question I'm often faced with.
I have been playing around with words and ideas for years. I'd think I'd hit the authentic ah ha button and still feel slightly 'off the mark'.



I've been coached and mentored, bought tons of online packages that were supposed to help me figure it out, joined the groups and gotten all excited. The problem was describing HOW I did things through energy psychology and alternative therapies and yet somehow I never quite got a hold on (or more like dare not speak my truth of) WHAT it is I do - the helping you to love who you are.



I'd ask peeps and receive amazing responses like "You changed my life"  which is hugely gratifying but I'd have to hand it back and say "Well actually Honey, I cannot take full credit for something that humongous, YOU are the only one who can do that" - My role is to facilitate the process with my passion and years of experience and expertise. Yeah. Okay, I know that still sounds like a play on words and means I'm still left with what Is it I actually DO?


Drum roll please ...


I'm gonna need a big breathe to even voice this because it's something many of us, including me, have been afraid of thinking or owning for much of our lives for fear of being seen as vain, egotistical .. god forbid it might evoke those cruel and cynical words "Who do you think you are?"  And yet it's absolutely fundamental to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being.



Today I am acknowledging without a trace of embarrassment that I Sally Canning help women to a place of LOVING WHO YOU ARE by reconnecting to and rediscovering who you are.


In a nutshell .... to Remember Who YOU Are and I'm gonna say it again!!!  to LOVE YOURSELF


Whooo Hooooo I told you it was a biggie!!



Oh boy, does that feel GOOOD!


17 years on and I can finally put words to my passion and my mission because you know what? .... when everything else is stripped away we are all we have.



[bctt tweet="We can love, care for, nurture and try to save everyone else but at the end of the day we are 'It'"]

and if we don't love who we are then what are we left with?




To love yourself is actually all there is.



Imagine how you'd feel if you could live a life free of comparisons, where you lost the need to measure yourself up against anyone else. Where you appreciate yourself, your gifts, your magnificence, your warts and all.  Well, let me assure you, you are already walking around with the magic formula, the secret ingredient to make that happen. Truly you do, you just don't know how to access it yet.



I'm not speaking of plucking some New Age whoo whoo doctrine about self love out of the air or reaching for the unattainable. I'm talking feet on the ground recognition of your inner knowing.  When you remember who you are all is revealed you can find yourself actually loving who you are, every little bit of you.



I actually believe the secret of a good life may possibly be described in one simple word: Happiness. When we feel self love, joy and happiness our physical bodies are flooded with feel good hormones, our emotional lives are free of stress and worry and our relationships improve. Worth a moment's consideration this Loving Yourself lark don't you think?



I'll leave that one for you to ponder and respond to.



Please leave your thought in the space below, you never know who you might inspire xx


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