Make a Difference and Pay it Forward

Even smallest thing can make a difference

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What goes around comes around!


I don’t know if you remember a little initiative I encouraged last year about M.A.D. Bags a really simple way of paying it forward to someone in need or deserving of a little treat whilst being one step removed so they never know it came from you. Sadly there wasn’t a great deal of take up and even less feedback but what the exercise did for me was to ensure that I always have something in my pocket to share with those less fortunate.


The benefits of a Coffee Card


It’s a simple thing – a Costa Coffee Card (I guess other chains have them too). Consider that credit card size piece of pre paid plastic for a moment – the benefits, in generous hands, far exceed the simple exchange of a beverage or snack.


Imagine, if you can stretch your imagination, that you are helpless and homeless sitting on a cold damp pavement for hours on end because of the callouses on your feet caused by never being able to take off your shoes, with little hope of finding warmth and comfort, virtually invisible to most of the pairs of legs scuttling by. Now think about the process of being handed a piece of plastic by a complete stranger.



Let’s break it down here:


1.  Even in it’s simplest form in order for the exchange to take place there has to be some form of communication. A nod, a smile, a simple word .. or two. Eye contact hopefully and brief acknowledgement of another human being. If you’re not a conversationalist it doesn’t matter, the twinkle in your eye is the equivalent of a dozen words. It can make a big difference.



2. The gift of choice – yes, we could go buy a hot cup of something and hand it over but who’s to say it’s the right one, if the recipient is actually in the mood for what he/she is being given, or how soon this one comes after the last.



3.  The key that opens the door to much needed comfort

One young man told me his card would give him a couple of hours of sanctuary and warmth in a place that would otherwise ask him to leave during an icy winter evening last .year.



4.  It is possible to exchange for food too.



Read the list again – how does it make you feel to know you could easily make a difference for someone you don’t know and will probably never see again?


And … I just found a fifth way to make that little gift even more significant.


Watch Hannah Brenchers short inspirational video and consider writing a short note to give anonymously. Just think if we all did this just once a month, or even if it was a one time event how we could bring a lift to another person’s life, to make a difference Maybe we could actually give someone a glimpse of human kindness and you know what … there is something really special about doing it without the need for thanks.



What are you going to do to ‘Pay it Forward’ and make a difference to someone’s life without the desire for recognition? 


Go on … it will make your heart sing.  Then come back here to share what you did.

Can’t wait to hear your story xx

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