Maybe this is the beginning

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For the past six months I’ve been letting go. Sometimes it’s been an easy process by way of decluttering useless and meaningless acquisitions, at other times it’s been more of a painful peeling away of layers that included not only possessions but friends and acquaintances too. The whole thing felt like it was being done to me and by me and not always in equal measure. Oh my, that energy of struggle was mighty uncomfortable. I convinced myself it was all part of a natural order, we grow and change and there comes a time of letting go.



When considering the consequences of recent revelations and the deep deep impact it is having and will continue to have as the new year unfolds I can’t help but ponder on how drastic the effect will be of yielding to a regime that requires me to relinquish control for a few days each month for the foreseeable future. No one has me in an arm lock, it isn’t a forced decision and yet there is air of reluctant submission if I’m being truthful.



Maybe the journey is really about surrendering, letting go and letting be, or maybe it is about walking through the fire to discover where I truly need to be. What if this is the beginning of new beginnings! I guess that’s something I’m about to discover.



Today I received an extract from a lovely lady. It kind of makes sense to me. How about you?




“And it was but yesterday that an angel said to me “We created hell for those who glitter.What else but fire can erase a shining surface and melt a thing to its core?”
And I said: ‘But in creating hell you created devils to govern hell.’
“Nay hell is governed by those who do not yield to the fire.”

~ Kahlil Gibran from “The Garden of The Prophet”.


When we choose to yield, it is a conscious action which releases us from the endless fight against that which is.


To yield, rather than surrender or submit; is an honourable, dignified, graceful and humble act which serves to free us rather than to conquer us.

In yielding, we are able to move forward freed from the burden of engaging with the battle. You may need to walk through the fire to get to where you need to be, but once all that detritus has been burned off you will never look back.’



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