Mentoring puts the wind beneath your wings


Mentoring supportI’m going to ask you to reflect for a few moments .


How are you doing with the goals and intentions you’ve set for yourself?

Are you getting the results you wished for?


If you answered “no,” then I’m curious to know what plans you have in place to guarantee that THIS is the year you step into your greatness and claim your best life!


What I’ve learned from my personal experience, and in Mentoring and training so many women around the world, is that even the best laid plans lack a certain amount of “oomph” without support and guidance. It breaks my heart to see so many women give up on their dreams because they reach a plateau and don’t know where to go next.


I don’t want that to be you!


I can tell from your emails that so many of you feel you have a purpose but you’re not sure what yet. You somehow know your gifts and talents (if only you could decide what they are) could benefit you and the world right now. You are here for a reason. You want to be more clear on what that reason is and how to share that with with world, because the more aligned you become the more meaningful your life will feel.


Go on, just for a moment, really imagine what it would feel like for you to actually have what you want…


[bctt tweet=”What is the price you are paying when you don’t acknowledge that light within you” username=”SallyCanning”]

when you negate or ignore who you really are and what you are meant to do?


And … what is the life of your dreams worth to you?


You can do it too


One of the biggest learnings of my life has been about the value of investing in myself to enable me to stretch and grow and to discover parts of me that were hidden from view, even from me. I am no different to many, many women. My limiting beliefs kept me shtum, held me back, loitering in the shadows, unable to fulfill my potential for many, many years.


My biggest discovery was that I had been conditioned to be invisible. The phrases we hear and inferences we pick up are soooo powerful ..


‘Keep quiet’, ‘Don’t be on the front row, ‘Get out of my sight’ etc, etc, etc.’


Nowadays I’m thriving in my purpose, sharing my gifts and expertise, and living a wonderful abundant life. Thing is, I made that leap and so can you ..


… if you are really ready to do something amazing for yourself, quieten that part of you that’s trying to convince you that you can’t have it all, and do what it takes to make this the year that you embrace your dreams you’re in the perfect place.



Sally Canning. Helping Women to Embrace their Potential. from Sally Canning on Vimeo.


Are you ready for Mentoring?


Are you ready to discover what prevents you from living your most joyful, satisfying, abundant life?

Are you ready to stand in your strength … that place within you that is inspired by love, the strength that each of us have but don’t always recognise?


Because my passion is to powerfully support others to align with their own purpose I have, and am continually developing, ways to help you step into a place of recognising the amazing woman you are. Check out my DARE TO DREAM Abundance Workshop


cover-peacock-feather-300x200If the thought of Mentoring with me resonates for you, I would love to have a 30 minute complementary call with you to help you gain clarity about your focus for this year and beyond.


Let’s talk about how my guidance and support can enable you to discover what it is you want for yourself, your passion, your dreams, what it is your heart longs for. Please do get in touch.

You’ll be so glad you took this opportunity


I can’t wait to talk to you about the fun ways in which I can help you find more clarity and fulfillment in your life x


Regardless of what you decide for yourself, I sincerely wish you love, delight and success!



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