How would it feel to be ‘enough’?

I AM Enough

YOU-ARE-ENOUGH-300x240Over the past few of months I have been involved in a merry old dance with life I'm still learning to master. I'm having to approach my days and time from very different perspectives and I've come to realise there's nothing like a potentially life threatening condition to bring things very clearly into focus.





I thought I had a pretty good handle on getting clear, after all I've experienced many losses of a heart breaking nature in the past, but from this personal perspective there's something shouting out to be heard and I'd like to share it with you.


There are undoubtedly challenges and struggles around lack of control, I am definitely not at my best within a structure where expectation management leaves much to be desired, but that's for another time and place.  No ... what I'm discovering has more to do with my own expectations, especially of me, myself and I that need to be readdressed and I'm wondering if the same is true for you?


How did that happen?


When and why did we women get to be so hard on ourselves? When did we stop seeing ourselves as Enough?


When did the "I'm not attractive enough, smart enough, purpose-full enough, spiritual , flexible, happy, rich, sexy, wise etc .... enough" scenarios kick in?


Are you a junkie for approval, permission and information?

Do you want to be everything you think everyone else wants or expects of you?

Do you think everyone else was given a handbook of life at birth and you somehow missed out on the offering?

And are you under the illusion you're the only one feeling this way?


How did we learn that 'stuff' because when it all boils down to the crunch very little of it matters too much at all and truth is it isn't humanly possible to be the 'Enough' we set ourselves up to be anyway.


"Perfection is self-destructive simply because there is no such thing as perfect"  ~ Brene Brown, The gifts of imperfection



There's even a word for it you know ...


Yep, turns out you can actually be phobic about all this not being enough stuff

Atelophobia   [A-tel-o-pho-bia]

The fear of imperfection. The fear of never being good enough!


When we question our being we lose perspective of the immensity of the hugely powerful beings we are and of our innate possibilities.


For a while after my diagnosis I can see how I unwittingly handed over my power to the 'white coats' who's beliefs are virtually polar opposite to my own and even though it's been my choice to partly follow their path to recovery doubts about my being 'Enough' to deal with this unknown quantity have been pervasive.


It sounds like such a small thing


"I am enough" sounds like a just a few words, a small conversation, it's a small shift on paper from "I am not" to "I am" In reality it takes practice. And part of believing that we are Enough is knowing we are capable of soooo much more than we may even comprehend.


It's about waking up to who YOU are. It's about learning you can't fully accept where you are going until you can accept, acknowledge and appreciate who you are right now. It's about recognising your own magnificence.


Look at the things you like about yourself rather than the things you see as 'faults'.

Focus on progress rather than perfection


How about if every day began with "I'm enough", "I am enough", "I AM enough".


As a baby you were perfect as you were, right? You were enough. And now?  You simply forgot to Remember who YOU are.


Stop trying to be what you think others want you to be.


My biggest take away so far from this voyage of discovery ... The more you align with who YOU are, the more other people accept you for who YOU are, and the more the world meets you where YOU are. It's kind of liberating and truly wonderful!


Just for Today ... Remember:


1. You are Unique

2. You ARE Enough

3. Every obstacle is an Opportunity

4. There is always more to learn about yourself

5. Commit to being the best version of you under any circumstances

6. Compassion is the key, it allows forgiveness of yourself and others

7.  Self compassion is of paramount importance

8. Where you are is just the beginning of something with the potential to be amazing

9. You ARE  an Amazing, Magnificent Being

10. Oh, and once again ... All together now ... YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!


Please share your thoughts and opinions in the space below - they are whole heartedly appreciated.  xx


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