Personal fulfillment involves Creating time

Personal fulfillment involves having fun

personal fulfillment - having fun


Have you noticed how time flies?  Or as Marnie Makridakis says in her book ‘Creating Time’, time sighs ….


Well it does when you’re having fun anyway.  It’s like high days and holidays, they just disappear leaving you wanting more.  I get like that when I’m in the flow of painting or sewing or playing with bits of paper and glue sticks, I’m transported to another plane where hours and minutes don’t exist and that’s where things get interesting, it’s where inspiration kicks in, creating time for personal fulfillment, and nourishes parts of me that feel neglected and wanting …


My vision for you is to find more personal fulfillment that feeds those neglected areas of yourself and brings new energy and life to your whole way of being.




 Time for me86,400 Seconds

Imagine there is a bank that credits your account each morning with £86,400.  Every evening whatever part of that balance you fail to use during the day is deleted.  What would you do?   Draw out every penny and make the most of it?  Seems like a good plan of action.

We each have such a bank – It’s name is TIME.

Every morning it credits you with 86,400 seconds.

Take a moment to consider how you could best spend that deposit.  How could you bring the most contentment, happiness and value into your life and others? The clock is running ….


How do you manage to get through it all?


Do you always feel like you’re chasing your tail, running around in circles, multi tasking and not getting things done?  Well, I’ve been given a couple of what seem to me like brilliant tips and I’m passing them on to you here:


I joined a Business Mentoring Group and the first thing we were encouraged to do is to use a timer.  Yep, it can be an old fashioned kitchen variety, a stop watch, your i phone, whatever, so long as you set yourself a time to complete a particular task.  Works like magic!  Commit to an uninterrupted period of time – 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes – whichever works best for you.  Set your clock and when it buzzes or rings that’s it – stop and walk away – take a break.  It may be that you go back to that particular task, or you may put it away and start the next – depends what’s on your list for the day.  You’ll be amazed at how the intention of working in this concentrated, boundaried way ups your productivity and accomplishment levels.  Give it a go!


And when you’ve completed your task – hit the EASY button.  I got mine from Staples.  Smack it and it gives you a Easyresounding “That Was Easy” in strong masculine tones.  It’s like a pat on the back for completing something that looked and felt intimidating to begin with – it gives a real sense of personal fulfillment. After getting it done you hit that red button, it makes you smile and reminds you that the anticipation is almost always far worse than the event itself.  One word of warning though – if you carry it around in your handbag you’re likely to get strange reactions as the words ring out when you bump into something or someone :0)


So how will you spend your precious treasure of time today?                              

Please share your thoughts below


  1. Marianne on July 7, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    Really good points. Am always thinking I have no time to know the struggle I have had with myself in the past about time management. Am going to get a timer and see what happens.need a pointer as to how to deal with interruptions though.

    • admin on July 7, 2012 at 4:03 pm

      Hi Marianne,
      it’s about committing to a specific time no matter what. Often we get distracted as a way of sabotaging our efforts.
      Maybe informing people that you will not be interrupted for the next 30/40mins or so and ignoring any phone calls or messages when they come in. In fact, if you are not using your phone as the timing instrument it’s a good idea to leave it in another room – gets rid of the temptation to check.

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