Committing to your own Radical Self Care

How are you going to commit to commit to greater self care?


No more hiding and holding back


What's your word for the year ahead? Mine?  I have three actually ... Radical Self Care  which means being enough, doing just enough sometimes and going the extra mile when it suits me, spending time with people I want to be with, noticing wonder on a daily basis, bathing in rose scented oil, watching more movies, allowing myself to be perfectly imperfect, simple pleasures.


That's how I plan my year to flow


It's a concept I'll be encouraging you to embrace for yourself over and over again in the coming months.

You may even get a little fed up of hearing about self care, self care, and radical self care



How's about you? What's your self care to be?


What would radical self care look like for you?


What would you need to do more of?


What would you have to do less of?


Which areas of you life would you love to enhance/develop just for you?


If there were no obstacles how would you make that happen?


What are the stories about not being able to have enough self care you've believed about yourself until now that you must let go of to enhance your life?


What/who do you need to forgive to free yourself?


Any more, for any more?


What kind of self care would you welcome?


Please share in the space below x




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