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remember who you are



Don't know about you but I was always a sucker for the Disney films of old. I'm assured they're still just as good but I have to admit I haven't seen anything more recent than the Ice Age series. What's the secret of the old favourites appeal I wonder? Is it really just the magic of the animation, songs, and colours become indelibly printed in our minds through repetitive viewings or is it something more? Is there something in them that helps you remember who you are ... the you of long ago?



I saw the Jungle book on the silver screen twice, years before we bought the film and yet it was as if I had embodied the sentiments, rhythms and words. Same thing happened with The Lion King, although at that time I had a young child and a video player so you might be forgiven for thinking that was subliminal programming. Whichever .. doesn't matter .. what I do know is the messages of those movies carry within them deep insight and wisdom we can draw on forever more.


The bare necessities of life


Take Mowglie and Baloo as they jigged about amongst the exotics and appreciated the Bare Necessities of life - kinda like our Noticing Three Little Good Things with bells on. For today though lets take a look at Simba the lion cub caught up in the intrigue, jealousy and dramas of family rivalry on Pride Rock.





Simba, engulfed by shame 'runs away and never return' after his father is killed in a plot hatched by his uncle. He's able to hide behind 'Hakuna Matata' a 'no worries' attitude for a while until he is reminded by his 'Great Spirit' (the voice of his father) to 'Remember Who You Are' .
After years of being away Simba goes home to face the music and the mess he left behind and take his rightful place in the world.



The fact of the matter is there's a bit of Simba in all of us. We each have our own destiny and a rightful place in this world. Most of us have carried around feelings of guilt, insecurity, unworthiness, wanting to hide or pretend it's easier if we just don't look at whatever it is we're running away from.


Are you ready to face the music?


Don't you often feel stuck, unsure of how to move forward, of where to go, replaying old memories and wishing things were different?


We all have things we've held on to - often for fear of letting go and not realising those ties are the very things that keep us anchored to the spot:


- Our stories - oh our sad sad complicated stories
- Resentment for those who've hurt us
- Disappointment of things not working out AKA 'failure'
- Shames and guilts we dare not name
- Humiliation, regrets, overwhelm and on and on we go ...


Whether it's troubles with people, money, clutter - inside and out, a broken heart, loss, whatever ... truth is unless we clear up the energy of it all we go on repeating the same old cycles over and over - you know, same s**t different day because guess what's the one common denominator?  Yep, you guessed ... It's You.

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Becoming aware of who you are, foibles and all, is the first step to regaining some equilibrium and uncovering who you are inside. Shifting self limiting, self defeating, toxic baggage puts you on the road to Remember who YOU are and gives you space for magic to manifest.


Here's a fabulous tool to help you

Just one small step

Begin with an intention to take one small step today and every day.


And I mean just one.

Vowing to clear the clutter, give up smoking, take yourself off the pills and change your diet all in one go is setting yourself up for failure. Remember ONE small step at a time.


Recognise and record the bare necessities every single day

Be like Mowgli and Baloo, look for the little good things.
Why? Because it works.
Gratitude raises your vibration, lifts your spirit and creates a space for you to dance in a higher energy state.


Open your heart and your arms to your possibilities.
Dance like no one is watching and Dare to Live Out Loud!


Want to share your one step successes?
Please do I'd love you to  GET IN TOUCH HERE


'Hakuna Matata'



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