Remember who you are

Your giftWhere in your life are you hiding or denying your gifts?

What are you scared of owning because it feels too big whether that be in the responsibility stakes or just too big to get your head around?

What greatness within you terrifies the **** out of you and therefore stops you taking even a little step forward?


[bctt tweet="Isn't it time you owned up to own your magnificence"] and your possibilities, even if it is only to yourself as a starting point?

I know I may sound like a soundtrack on repeat but I can't help but say it again ... it's the baby steps and self care that count and you cannot fully love yourself if you're denying a big (or even tiny) part of you.


Reasons why not

When we say "I'm not ready", "The time's not right", "I don't know how", what we're really saying is "I'm happy where I am however uncomfortable the circumstances",  "It's too hard to make the changes or acknowledge it's my own responsibility".

That's not a judgement in any way it's just the way it is.

It takes heart and courage to step outside or even stretch the walls of your comfort zone.



This isn't about me telling you what to do this is all about you taking initiative and grabbing the opportunity to Remember Who You Are.
To remember who you were before life and your story moulded you and shifted you away from the bright beautiful Jewel at your core.

You are truly golden.

So I'll ask you again isn't it time to reveal your gifts?



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