Road Trip … Day 2

And we’re off … Birmingham here we come!

imageI tentatively booked it whilst in Australia at the new year. I use that word because I truly was nervous about laying out dosh from a dwindling account when I hadn’t worked in over a year and also because of the dubious, negative phrases laid on me by ‘caring professionals’ like … “Whatever we do isn’t going to make any difference to the outcome” (yep, those words are actually written up in a report) and “Even if it’s gone it will come back”.


See those two finger tips?


I want to push them squarely into the eyeballs of every person who gave me a pitying look, a sympathetic nod of the head or imparted words that stuck in my psyche no matter how much tapping or energy work I’ve done in between. Oooh aggressive thoughts Sally … I know, and sometime, just sometimes, it’s how I feel. Because you know what? If I had taken those words to heart I wouldn’t have booked the tickets and I wouldn’t have my bag packed and be ready to go. Indeed I may not have been here at all when you consider the power of the spoken word.


What we forget – the thing that goes clean out of your very terrified mind – is that when you hear the dreaded words that something is going to shorten your life you immediately lose sight of the reality that something will anyway, whether that be at the age of 60, 70, 100. Something at some point is going to finish us off so you might as well enjoy every moment and live every day as it comes. When my husband lamented on the fact that he hardly went anywhere as a result of his illness and his impending demise I used to gently remind him sometimes that actually his life expectancy could well be longer than my own because I was the one out driving a car and crossing the road.


If we put off the things we’d love to do, the experiences we’d like to have, finding the people we have a mind to meet what’s going to happen when we do actually reach the end of the road? I for one have no intentions of existing¬† in a state of fear and having a list called “I wish I had done …”


Which is why I’m on my way out the door with a song in my heart and an expectation of joy


Marianne Williamson, David Hammilton, Bruce Lipton here we come, ready or not!!


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