Sarah: On Loving Yourself

Loving yourself or myself


Sarah new photoI feel blessed to say I have learned to love myself, all of me, for my qualities for my inner light for my quirky side - something I never really thought about before. I used to devalue myself, berate myself with wicked thoughts and punishing beliefs. I had a very sophisticated way of being uber confident and seeming happy on the outside behind the Sarah masks I didn’t know how to take off.


I made a decision for me and took a huge courageous step to invested in myself and began mentoring with Sally and you know what I found?


My inner passion! Yes MY INNER PASSION and GIFT!! She helped me reveal my inner shining light - unveiling my own dreams and desires for myself! The changes were sometimes subtle, sometimes huge! My biggest discovery?


When YOU love YOU it opens up the chance for others to love you more!


Don’t get me wrong I feared the change – I thought is would be hard loving yourself - what if I change and people won’t like me anymore or worse my loved ones won’t loved me anymore! Well in hindsight if I could go back I would be saying jump at this chance and opportunity wholeheartedly because actually when you change You love You and this opens up the chance for others to love you more!


Well my fears didn’t see that one coming- folks could love and like you more. I can’t describe how wonderful and shamzing it is to talk to people being me! An authentic, no masks – not second guessing what peeps want me to say or do, to make them happy or think that I am nice. Yes I have shaken a few people out of my life and actually this is cool as I have filled these spaces with the most gorgeous friends I could wish for xx


My life is shiny and bright and I feel so grateful and appreciative to Sally for holding my hand and having the belief in me and helping me unfurl my wings and take flight xx


Sarah Helen Bell, Sheffield

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