Saying ‘No’ as a way to your bigger ‘Yes’ as Radical Self Care

Steps for Radical Self Care


Radical self care


When I talk of Radical Self Care learning to saying "No" comes high on the list of things to do in order to nurture yourself because it's almost as if many of us never learned how.



When awareness of the possibility does strike it kind of becomes okay to say "No" to doing things we really don't want to do and to refusing to have certain people in our lives.



"But what of saying "No" and "Yes" to those we love in favour of what it is we really want for ourselves?"



Choosing to put your own needs first based on self compassion and personal energy levels and releasing the fear of being labelled selfish may initially cause a degree of discomfort and require a modicum of courage but once experienced can shift your perception of what is possible and necessary for your personal well being exponentially.



As is my wont I advocate baby steps. Try a little "No" and see how it feels.



"How can you nurture yourself today by saying "No" in a kindly way in favour of your own self care?"


Can you say the bigger "Yes" to what's burning inside you?




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