Seeing is believing?

How are you at puzzles?





Take a look at this photo, what do you see?


An exotic frog? On quick examination you would certainly think it was some tiny specimen from an Amazonian Rain Forest. Take a closer look ….


It’s not a frog. It’s actually 5 women’s bodies decorated by world champion body-painter Johannes Stötter. Not at all what you first thought!


Talking of optical illusions, my friend and I saw War horse in the cinema this week. The show really is an incredible piece of theater, engineering and visual complexity. It is absolutely no secret that what you are seeing up there on the stage are horses constructed of wood and leather with puppeteers in full view of the audience and yet …. once your emotions are engaged they become almost real live living breathing animals evoking a whole range of strong responses.


You are aware of the truth but are somehow totally drawn into the illusion. Not so different to the limiting beliefs we carry and the stories we tell ourselves really!


The trick is to separate the two – that’s why [bctt tweet=”noticing the thoughts you have that are messing with the mindset you want is a really big deal.”]


It might not feel like just noticing is big but believe me it is.


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