Share in the Joy

Noticing and Celebrating the Little Good Things

28 Days of ‘Share in the Joy’

What is the most positive gift you could give yourself? 

Embrace this enlightening process and it will change your life – Promise!


Join this 28 Day Programme overflowing with Inspiration. Expand your spirited energy whilst developing a Life Changing Practice.

You’re going to embrace a generous helping of Mindfulness too.


Say “Goodbye” to always looking for the negative and say “Hello” to developing an Attitude of Gratitude. 



If you are looking to be happier, have more meaningful relationships with others and attract more prosperity and abundance into your life, this practice is for you.



You're going to develop your own gratitude practice in just 28 days. And you get to choose how you do it. It might be that you make a list of your gratitude's first thing in the morning or maybe you'll reflect on your day before you snuggle down into bed. However and whatever you decide is perfect.


Even if things don't always flow as smoothly as you hope for looking for the good things that did happen will change your perspective.


Your days will take on a rosier glow.




Delivered to your inbox every day




The way the programme works is simple:


  • Each and every day for 28 days, from you will receive thought provoking articles, inspirational quotes and heart- warming exercises to encourage you to seek out and identify three good things.  Just little things – the ones you could easily miss
  • You’re going to explore each of your Six Senses through a subtle yet powerful Mindfulness Practice.
  • Make a note of your good things in your Mini Diary as you move throughout your day
  • Relax whilst listening to your Abundance Meditation mp3
  • Relish your beautifully designed eBook that accompanies the whole inspiring, abundant, thought provoking process



                                                       All this for the amazing value of £67

Share in the joy


Little bits of loveliness ...

“I have loved taking part, and have found myself looking for little positives throughout my day;whereas before they would have probably gone unnoticed. I feel so much more positive and lighter” ~  Kathryn Pearson

”Although simple, this practice has had a massive impact. I find myself looking for ways to create good moments – not just notice them.  I now have a much more positive outlook” ~ Wendy Seddon

"It was such a positive and uplifting experience, and one I will carry on to remind me that the good things in life are there everyday if you take the time to slow down, keep calm and notice them"~ Donna Jones

"It makes everything else seem insignificant when you focus more on the littlest tiny miracles surrounding your life! Very positive!" ~ Jodie Lovie

"I've been overwhelmed by how many things there are to be grateful for: when you set yourself the task of finding good, happy joyful things, your eyes seem to suddenly SEE, and you are almost surrounded by the intensity of things saying “choose me!  choose me!” ~ Wendy Wallace, South Africa


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity….

It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

~ Melodie Beattie


Noticing and Celebrating the Little Good Things

28 Days of ‘Share in the Joy’


All this for the amazing value of £67


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