A little appreciation can lift your day, week … life!


This truly amazing image ‘Gentle Kiss’ taken by Paula Fenton says it all for me.
Love, connection and nurturing at a primal level is everything we need.


1. Trust in the beauty and generosity of the human spirit.


I’m learning more and more that opening your arms and heart to another gives them the opportunity to share the beauty of their inner being with you. I’m not much of an ‘asker’ – like many women I’ve quite naturally been on the other side of the fence, dispensing assistance and support – It is an uplifting and emotional experience to allow others in to my share my space. I like it :0)


2. Let go of expectations of other people no matter how long they’ve been in your life.


It bloody hurts!!! Own it!  It can be a hard call to let go and let love but when the chips are down you need all your energy reserves for yourself. Giving it away to hurt and confusion is not an option. Having expectations of other people is tantamount to punishing yourself. Compassion is the order of the day. Yes, it might even require a large amount of EFT Tapping  and other energy work but kindness is the way for yourself and whoever else you feel hasn’t/can’t step up to the mark. We each have our own path and though we may have accompanied one another for what seems like an eternity sometimes we come to a fork in the road at the most unexpected times. Letting go with love and blessings is the only way forward.



3. Appreciate the little things.


I’ve said it a thousand times before – it’s the tiny things you might miss ordinarily that can lift your spirit. Yep, here I go reminding you again to notice three little good things every day, no apologies here, appreciation is still one of the best ways I know of raising your gratitude vibration.

Share in the Joy and see how life changes



4. Thank those who’ve supported you


Oh my goodness, appreciation is soooo important.

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My gratitude to you, this beautiful community is boundless. I LOVE our connection.
Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx



5. All we have is NOW.


This is the only moment we have for sure.
Yesterday is gone and who knows what tomorrow could bring?
Truly feeling and being present is the only way forward. Appreciation is key. You wanna do something?
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Do a happy dance. Feeeel what it’s like to know you did it for you x



6. Laughter is the best medicine


Laughter feeds your soul, it has a multitude of benefits, it increases the level of endorphins in your body, it’s even been said to aid recovery in sever illnesses,. So, let’s laugh. What makes you laugh?



Please share your favourite funny movie. I’m on the look out for funny, fun, creative ways of raising my vibration.


How about you?

You can leave your thoughts in the space below xx mwahh xx



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