Tap, tap, tap

Tapping for clarity


IMG_1407-300x2121Emerging like a wet rag from a night of broken dreams it's so easy to begin with muted moans of  "how'm I gonna make it through the day?"

Tap, tap, tap on the side of the hand ...




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Wanna create a space for clear thinking?

Tap, tap, tap


Wanna change your whole perception?


It occurred to me that since speaking to medics a few days ago my whole energy had waned. Their words insidiously seeped into my reality and created wounds in my psyche. I had become the person who took on their suppositions and doubts even before tests had reached the labs. I'd become the woman with the white coat syndrome (or blue scrubs in this instance) - if they say it, it must be true. Really! Okay, so I don't have a crystal ball and for the moment I don't have a shred of evidence other than feeling fit as a fiddle but I do believe 100% that our thoughts create our reality so I'm intending to make it happen one day at a time. Tap, tap, tap ...


Wow, clarity, buzzing clarity, love it!


Get up, lets go. Today is day one of living loveliness. Invite a friend for lunch, cook gorgeous comfort food - chicken, bacon and mature Stilton with honey roast parsnips - yummm. Spend time with beautiful young people and take in a movie. It's all good. Add to the mix an unexpected offer of incredible kindness and it just got even better.  Everything on every level looks and feels brighter when you've done a bit of tap, tap, tapping.

And what of forgiveness and letting go?


Yep, when your mind is clear all thoughts of "look what they did" evaporates and personal responsibility steps in and up.

Want to improve your thoughts, your day and your reality?  Tap, tap, tap xxx


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Enjoy x






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  1. Trish on December 14, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    My birthday weekend has been spent in the company of loved ones, having fun, eating good food and being spoiled with some lovely gifts. But I also had time on my own when I was able to reconnect with some of the things I love doing – walking in the beautiful crisp winter sunshine, doing yoga and listening to music.

    Time on my own brings clarity, reminds me who I am and enables me to reflect on what and who is important to me.

    I’ve also received sad news today which has brought home just how short life is and how important it is to savour every moment, to be aware of every beautiful aspect and to give thanks for everything.

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