Spread Your Wings and Fly into 2012


When we focus our energy towards constructing a passionate meaningful life, we are tossing a pebble into the world, creating a BEAUTIFUL RIPPLE EFFECT of inspiration. When one person follows a dream, tries something new or takes a daring leap, everyone nearby feels that energy, and before too long they are making their own daring leaps and inspiring yet another circle. ~ Christine Mason Miller


Lets look at the good bits ..
At the beginning of 2011 I attended a visioning day that started with a review of the previous year. For many this was an uncomfortable experience, reflecting on whatever instantly came to mind. So this year I’m going to invite you to slow down long enough to acknowledge yourself and all that’s happened in a good way. If you’ve kept a diary, a journal or even made notes on a calender take a look at the individual months and pick out the milestones. You could make a new page in your journal or notebook and allow these questions to remind you:


What were some of your favourite moments?
How did you spend your time?
What made you proud?
What did you find challenging?
What changed?
What did you learn?
Who was significant in your life?
What did you enjoy the most?
What will you be glad to leave behind?
What do you want to remember?
What is worthy of celebration?
and think about …
What would you like more of?
How do you wish to grow and progress?
Choose one word to guide you through 2012
What would you love to be celebrating this time next year?
Enjoy the process and please feel free to share your experiences.



If you are ready to step up in 2012 and shine to be the amazing being you were meant to be
I dare you to see the potential within yourself.
I dare you to stop failing to see it.
I dare you to be the woman who makes things happen for herself.
I dare you to make an impact by being present in the world around you.

and I dare you to put your wants and decisions into being.


The first of our DARE TO BE YOU! workshops takes place on January 7th
I dare you to bring your daydreams alive, to change “I don’t see a way” into “I’m open to the possibility”. I dare you to come and be supported and nurtured and just be YOU

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What will you create, be, do in the next 12 months?

I dare you to Spread Your Wings and Fly

What a brilliant New Year this promises to be !!!
Wishing you huge amounts of happiness and abundance in 2012
Sally xx



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