12 Weeks of The Artists Way

Daring to take the first step.  Day 1

Morning pages only took half an hour which is an all time record for me. The intention is set – 3 pages every morning BEFORE I get out of bed – am going to have to set my alarm early and do them through sleepy eyes – but, whatever it takes!. Going to see how different the results are this time around when I use EFT to deal with the ‘stuff’ that comes up.

The Artists Way is a book/course for creatives by Julia Cameron to discover and recover their creativity.  Turns out to be highly spiritual in nature because the exercises help us tap into our innate being. I first went through the process 12 or so years ago, I kept up the morning pages (a non negotiable reflective process – ramblings from the unconscious really – it was the initiation/rebirthing of much of the instinctive / inspirational work I produce) for years and then fell off the wagon for some reason.  It is transformative and I can’t recommend it highly enough. My intention is to revisit the process myself and then present it online as a group experience with tapping and EFT for support at a later date.

First Artist Date

DSC_0104-208x300Oooh choices … how do I spend 2 hours nourishing my soul?  Do I visit the Harley Gallery at Welbeck, Rufford Craft Center or Thorseby Gallery?   How lucky am I to live this close to quality artwork and crafts!

Plumped for Thoresby Courtyard, pondering the choice of gorgeous buttons and special birthday cards, then an amble in the winter wonderland.  Loving the simple things in life.

Maybe it’s because I’m familiar with the process but daring to make conscious choices based on what feeds me and me alone and taking the time to BE without distractions or thoughts of ‘shoulds’ and ‘coulds’ is curiously exhilarating.

Okay, hands up, I admit it, I chose what I consider to be the best and easiest exercise first, (I’m so happy it’s a weekly requirement), but you know some peeps find it incredibly difficult to designate even a couple of hours just for themselves.

Now to knuckle down to some serious soul searching ….

How easy, or not, do you find taking time just for you?  Please do share =-)

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