The limiting Beliefs that keep you stuck

Limiting Beliefs


Can I ask you a question?

limiting beliefsWhat happens when you are given a big opportunity for growth in your life, be that personal growth, work related, financial?

What’s your first reaction?
Glee, excitement, curiosity, whoo hoo?

What’s your 2nd, 3rd, 4th reaction?

Do you maintain a high level of excitement and anticipation or do other erroneous feelings make an appearance?  Doubtful thoughts, excuses, reasons why it’s not such a good idea –

Why you couldn’t possibly achieve whatever it is? Quizzical notions of why me? What if?


If that is the case

Ask yourself …

What is underneath those reasons feelings and thoughts.
What emotions seep out, grip you, parlays you into doing nothing?


I’m not trying to put you on the spot here


It happens to a great many of us, me included … sometimes especially me. Just because on the outside I appear to have it all together truth is, even though I’m used to pushing my own boundaries, all manner of limiting beliefs emerge the minute I think about stepping outside my own comfort zone.


On virtually every occasion I get the opportunity to step up I go into a place of wilting decline after the initial euphoria and prior to me pulling myself up by the boot straps, pushing chest out (god forbid) and shoulders back and on into the fray of whatever it is I’m heading for.


What excuses do you make?


You know, those rationalizations you make to yourself about people, events and circumstances. The invented reasons you come up with to stop you taking a particular kind of action, or simply as a means of negating responsibility.


I have been exploring excuses, reasons and limiting beliefs in Workshops for ages and am becoming curiouser and curiouser to discover which themes are most common for us females which is why I’m inviting you to chat about what stops you in your tracks.


Without thinking about it answer this question
If you could have whatever it is you dream of, would you take it now?


How does that make you feel?
What is your reaction?


They don’t even belong to us


Lots of our beliefs come from the messages we picked up from circumstances and significant others in our childhood, they are just hand me downs, ‘The writings on our walls’ and it is from those limiting beliefs the fears emerge that keep us stuck and playing small.


Even the most talented, skillful, intelligent among us can be stopped in their tracks. Our beliefs become our reality even if that reality it is something we’ve heard or keep telling ourselves over and over and over again.


Beliefs generate the fears of failing, rejection, looking foolish, or a belief that they just can’t get it done will just stop them in their tracks.
Continued next week ..


If you would like to help with my research into Limiting Beliefs please do GET IN TOUCH and lets arrange to get on the phone or Skype for 20 minutes or so, maybe we’ll both gain a little clarity.


To be continued …

Any thoughts? Would love to hear them. 

Please feel free to share in the space below x



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