Things you can choose to give up

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1.  Being Scared to do things


Your fear will keep you stuck in a place of inertia forever more.
If you are truly scared or have a phobia about something in particular do yourself a favour, let me help you with EFT

If it’s fear of the unknown, limiting beliefs, lack of self belief get support – take a look at my Dare to Be You! Workshops


2.  Letting yourself be defined by other people’s expectations

Resolve to be who you are inside.
Make a mind map of all the things you’d like to do – all the opportunities open to you if you had the courage to Dare and all the benefits of living life on your terms. Choose to be you.



3.  Holding on to grudges and resentments

Did no one ever tell you that holding on to those emotions is just like clasping a red hot ember – the only person it hurts is you. Another way of saying that is ‘It’s like taking poison and expecting the other person to die’!!!



4.  Staying in a bad or destructive relationship

By choosing to stay you CHOOSE to be unhappy



5.  Not taking a risk

Staying in the discomfort of your comfort zone is one unproductive place to be.
No one ever experiences growth from that place. Be brave – dip your toe in the waters of the unknown and unexpected, choose to take that step, it’s the only way you will ever discover your potential and your possibilities.


6.  Moaning, groaning and gossiping

Each of these sap your energy as does being around people who do the same.
Commit today to 28 days of no grumbling, gossiping or griping and feel the difference.



7.  Not showing you care

Tell the ones you love how you feel, tomorrow is another day and you never know how many of those you have.



8.  Not appreciating the moment

Whatever you miss in the moment can never be got back.
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Find 28 Days of Share in the Joy’ Celebrating and Notice the Little Good Things



9.  Hanging on to outdated friends and relationships

As you ‘grow’ you change, it’s a fact you’d better get used to.
If you have friends and acquaintances who don’t recognize you any more, who put you down for being ‘different’ or who want to haul you back to an old way of being because your new found confidence, contentment, whatever makes them feel uncomfortable it may be time to let go. You CAN to choose who sticks around.



10. Standing in the shadows of others

Dare to be YOU.
Step into your light.
Discover the YOU you know yourself to be inside.
Get in touch Let’s talk about how I can help.


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