5 thoughts to help you get out of your own way

 Thoughts have great power


Spread your wings

“Each morning when I open my eyes, I say to myself, my thoughts, not the events have the power to be happy or unhappy today.  I have the power to choose which it shall be.”  Groucho Marx

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1. Mind your Thoughts


Your thoughts are things. They are powerful tools, they shape your life


[bctt tweet=”If you constantly indulge in negative self talk, have doubtful thoughts, or obsess about the opinions of others, it’s time to set your intention to turn that around.” username=”SallyCanning”] I’m not pretending it’s an easy task to change habits that have taken years to build, but think about it – Would you tolerate any one in your life who talks to you the way you do?  You can make a start by listening to inspirational audiobooks in your car.  Post sticky notes with positive quotes on your bathroom mirror.  Keep a gratitude journal.


Remind yourself: “Energy Follows Thought,” – what you think about you bring about.  Make it your intention to start today!



2.  Take Action


What are you waiting for?  Are you waiting for self-esteem to show up before you can take a chance on you?

Guess what? That’s not how it works!

Whenever I stretch myself, personally, or in my business the benefits always follow a leap of faith.

What I have  discovered is this:

Self-esteem shows up BECAUSE you take action.  Not before!

What one action can you take toward your dream today?



3.  Radiate Positivity


Do you find yourself complaining to anyone who will listen, telling and re telling your sad story to get people to feel sorry for you?

Well here’s a thing – in order to move from where you are now to where you want to be you have to stop whining and whinging about what is and step into a place of awareness and appreciation. You’ve heard the saying “What goes around, comes around”, right? Well that doesn’t just mean deeds”, it encompasses what we put ‘out there’ in other ways too.  I already mentioned the power of thoughts – now think about your words, and how you say them!  ‘Like attracts Like’, What you radiate comes back to you.  Think happy thoughts and feeeel the difference.



4. Get out of  your Comfort Zone


“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!”

I know this is a biggie! It’s often easier to stay stuck in the discomfort of your personal comfort zone than it is to dip your toe in the water and experience the uncomfortable feelings.
I’m the world’s best at finding all the excuses and reasons not to make the very decision that will lift me higher and I often go through what feel like contortions before I come out the other side and commit to investing in myself. It’s not that I don’t want to, no, on the contrary – it’s almost like I have to let myself get scared before I take the action I instinctively knew was right for me all along.

What new opportunity can you say YES to today?
How can you learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable?


5. Get Yourself the best Support


I’ve made the decision to uplevel at the moment  – just about to sign on the dotted line actually – and oh boy, has the thought of making that commitment created waves!  I know without doubt it’s the right way to go – I want to move, I’m ready to do more, be more, and be able to give you the absolute best of my experiences.  I know without doubt that my investment will be returned ten fold in ways I can’t even start to imagine, but I have to tell you it’s still an experience that brings up all my hidden doubts and fears.

Many people don’t do this. Instead, they take a ‘sticky tape’ approach to their own support and training, hoping they can continue to get away with their same old fearful behavior, always promising themselves that ‘some day’ they’ll get some real support.

It never works. They stay in the same place. (After all, that’s where it’s comfortable!). And there is nothing wrong with that, if it’s where you want to be.

My advice?  Surround yourself with people who believe in who you are, like you, and who want you to succeed.
And if you’d like some help with the Fear Of Change you can access my free recording, where I guide you through a tapping routine to help dispel those feelings HERE


How do you get out of your own way?

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