Time to Reflect and Discover

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Here's a helping hand that'll take you a few moments to look back over the last twelve months


I'm inviting you to slow down long enough to acknowledge yourself and all that's happened in a good way. If you've kept a diary, a journal or even made notes on a calendar take a look at the individual months and pick out the milestones. You could make a new page in your journal or notebook and allow these questions to remind you:


Make yourself comfy and dive right in. You might discover a thing or two you completely missed the value of. Get in touch if you'd like to share your thoughts


What were the 3 highlights of your year?


What are you most proud of?

What did you stop doing or let go of?

What did you embrace?


Name 3 of your biggest learnings


What did you discover about yourself?

How did you stretch yourself?

What did you enjoy that you would like more of?


What are you grateful for?


What do you know now that you didn’t know before?

How will you celebrate who you have become?

What new opportunities have you created to take with you into the New Year?

What else would you like to say about the last year?


Would love you to share your thoughts in the space below x


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