Do you believe you deserve it?

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Ask and it is Given, that’s what I recommend to clients – not just the book, brilliant as it is but also the whole philosophy around ‘We create what we think about’.


It’s simple enough once we have our mindset sorted – Put your wish on a vision board or Make a clear Intention – Hand it over to the universe and voila … wait for delivery.  Brilliant!


Some people can manifest their heart’s desire in no time flat … for others it take a little longer, and others … it can feel like it’s never going to happen.


In my experience the latter is more often than not due to Limiting Beliefs, feelings of “I don’t dererve it” and the excuses/reasons we give to ourselves, mostly unconscious, why it shouldn’t happen.  I deal with these in my Dare to be You! Workshop.  What’s intriguing me at the moment though is our feelings of Deserving and more importantly non Deserving.


I’ve been totally blown away by the number of lovely comments I received after having posted that my old motor had died and whilst searching for a replacement it was like circumstances were orchestrated by an unknown force to make the car on my Dream Board become totally and easily accessible.  I was struck by the sentiments of “You so deserve it”, over and over.


Deserve … It’s such a loaded word don’t you think? 


Do you ever have seesaw feelings where you can acknowledge that you are so blessed with any number of things – good health, family, friends, a job you love, the house you live in?  You have good things happen which one minute raise you up high and the next fill you with doubt that this can’t last, how come someone like me has all of this, and you can even experience guilt at ‘having it so good’?


Do you have memories of wagging fingers and doubtful words of ‘You don’t deserve x,y,z because ….’ or have you been good enough to deserve this that or the other …?’  They were powerful phrases – those ones that kept us in place and judged whether or not we were ‘good enough’ to receive.


It’s okay because …


If that’s ever the case for you is your first reaction to go into justification mode?  “Well, I work hard, I can afford it, I went without so that, my old car died and, and, and …


I have something to say to you:


This isn’t a post where I’m giving you explanations of why things happen. I have a message I want you to hear loud and clear


[bctt tweet=”YOU ARE WORTHY … Did you hear me? YOU ARE WORTHY”]

Never mind that regurgitated ***t that can stealthily slip into your thoughts I want you to replace it with the knowledge that

[bctt tweet=”YOU deserve good things in your life regardless of what did or didn’t happen” username=”SallyCanning”]

It doesn’t matter how hard you worked, how good, bad or indifferent



YOU Deserve every blessing


What matters is that you[bctt tweet=” have the courage to step forward and embrace the gifts that life and the universe give to you”] large and small.  Those steps allow doors to swing open for you, opportunities to unfold and you will begin to receive more of the goodness YOU Deserve. Stretch our your arms.  Allow the magic to touch you. YOU Deserve it x


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