The miracle of transformation

Transformation … I want it NOW!


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How long does it take?


How will I know?


I want Transformation and I want it ASA


These are some of the things I hear when women decide the time is right for them to make a move, to create change in their lives.  They are looking for assurances, guarantees even, of which there can be none.  Transformation is unique to the individual, who they are, their circumstances, motivation, willingness to embrace a whole new way of looking and thinking about things and being open to a totally new way of being.


Initially it can seem exhilarating, imagining how wonderful life could be with a sense of clarity and freedom and without doubt it can be


It’s important to be aware though that in order to get ‘there’ usually requires a whole lot of uncomfortable ‘inner work’.  Here’s how I see the journey.


First steps


Being asked to think about, feel, imagine how your future could unfold can be, and should be exciting – sort of like taking flight for the first time  – anticipation tinged with fear – the line between the two is blurred, full of hope and possibility.  Almost euphoric at times you may think to yourself “Gosh, if this is what the beginning feels like – imagine what COULD be possible!


The bit in between


This can be a stage full of unsettling doubts, limiting beliefs (good jobe we can work on all of these) and unwelcome surprises.

It’s where you begin letting go – of patterns and people that/who no longer serve you.

It can feel like you are being shaken from the ground upwards and you are in danger of being clobbered by the falling debris that appears as if from nowhere.

The feelings that come up are a bit like that too – shaky, disorientated, insecurities stare us in the face like someone holding up a mirror at close quarters.

Things that used to feel really important suddenly become inconsequential.

It can all feel a bit scarey and more than a little confusing.

You may even doubt the validity of what you’re doing and start looking for an easy way out.

How can this be a place of high expectation and positive change if it feels like C**P?


This is where support is so important.


Those tiny steps that could be almost imperceptible as if you’re not accomplishing anything would likely go unnoticed without ways of recording them and being accountable.


The changes don’t always show up as we would want them to.  We expect to see things a certain way – that’s what we’re used to.


Having to release expectations and be open to new possibilities actually requires a great deal of TRUST.


This doesn’t make sense – nothing happens logically, rationally or in a linear manner.


You’ll find yourself motivated and inspired to try your hand at things you may not have dreamed of before.  You will begin acting from instinct rather than habit – eeek!


The frustrating thing about all of this though is that mostly this stage takes much longer than we thought or hoped for.


As I said before, it can be very tempting to try to skip through the work – skim over the top – so it looks like you’re getting further than you really are.  You can even fool yourself into thinking you’re ‘on the other side’ of whatever particular bit it is you’re wading through.


And you can get angry – with yourself and especially the one guiding you – it is oh so easy to project blame and disown those feelings.


The truth is

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it’s all about your internal state, those shifts that take you to tje depths of your inner being, your true self – What I call the light within.


It takes time.




As you emerge on the ‘other side’ of your journey – as your new life, new business, new you tip toes into the spotlight it doesn’t end there – it is still an ongoing process.
You are in the realms of the unfamiliar – you have to get a feel for this new way of being.  It’s going to feel ‘right’, perfect even but you are still going to be a bit wobbly at times.  There’s going to be fits of trial and error mingled in with your new found confidence – like a birdie learning to fly.  You have to learn to soar and dive in the thermals of your new, exciting, often joyous existence.


Transformation involves celebration and internalisation, becoming comfortable, learning, stretching, growing, coasting, surfing the wave, enjoying the ride until you arrive at the NEXT desire to Uplevel your thoughts and inner desires.


And then ….

You begin the whole wonderful almost perversely painful process all over again!


What’s happening for You?

Does this help?


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