What can you do with Visioning and Daydreaming?

Daydream believer




Those of you who have been accompanying me on my weekly ramblings will be familiar with my ‘speak’ by now and how I embrace the Law of Attraction.  I truly do believe, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, that what we think about and speak about we bring about.  I also give lots of credence to daydreaming and wondering “what if”, as in the “could it be possible?” variety.  I ponder on a conundrum wafting like tumbleweed in the recesses of my mind, throw in a nonchalant “I wonder how” and often, as if out of thin air an unexpected solution arises.  People frequently ask a puzzled “How did you do that?”


The Law of attraction

Ask and it is given answer would be  – I put it out there = I asked

I allowed it to happen = I trusted the universe

I received = I recognized and accepted the opportunity when it was given.

Lots of teachers tell us that we have to be very precise and exacting when we’re making our requests.  We must know clearly what it is we want – How else will the universe /god/higher power/lady luck /fill in the blank, know what to give?


Me, I do things slightly differently.  I’m much more about daydreaming and asking “What if”. “Wouldn’t it be nice?  “If only …”  I invite you to dream, to s-t-r-e-t-c-h, to be a “Possibilist”  To ‘put it out there” in wonderment.  Oh yeah, it might sound a bit airy fairy but hey, I’m living proof that this stuff really works.


Six years ago I made a couple of throw away statements – the first, when I opened a leaflet listing presenters at a big Mind Body Spirit event I said


“Why isn’t that me? I’d love to be doing that!”


And the second, whilst tossing some ideas around for workshops similar to the ones I run today actually, – hmmm funny how we sometimes have to wait ages until the time is right – but I digress – I was trying to figure out how I could attract the ideal women to my events.


I mused to my friend that the best possible thing I could do would to get a mention in Woman & Home Magazine because their readers really are a perfect fit for the work I do.  She almost fell off her chair laughing!



Well, cynics woInternational-Therapist-150x150uld say what happened next was just coincidence, but I like to think it was the energy of the passion and love that was unconsciously linked to those words that sent out a signal that caused my phone to ring a few weeks later.  A super guy from the Federation of Holistic Therapists was looking for a someone to speak on Meridian Energy Therapies at their shows at the NEC in Birmingham, ExCel in London and Donnington Park – And that resulted in being asked to write a double page article on EFT for The International Therapists Magazine.


Flippin heck – I thought all my birthdays had come at once.  Now I do have to be really transparent here and say that the speaking bit was not my favourite – you know the old adage “Don’t ask for what you want, you might get it …..”  Or alternatively – it could be too much too soon – Make the same offer today and I’d snatch your hand off, but in those days I was still very much the gal struggling with being ‘seen’.


Then, out of the blue, several months after the EFT article, I was absolutely over the moon to receive a call from Woman & Home asking me to give tips on EFT for an article on weight loss. WOW! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!!!  Amazing!  Six years later I’m still honoured and delighted to be contributing to such a fantastic publication.  And it didn’t stop there …


Book-Cover-150x150I was approached to write a chapter on Healing for a book “Foundations of Complementary Therapies and Alternative Medicines”  Palgrave Publishers – which is regarded as a must-have book for all undergraduate and foundation degree students. And, I was asked to speak on a Nottingham radio station as an expert on Reiki.


The weird thing is that until I just listed those events for you I never acknowledged any of them as particularly out of the ordinary.  They were just things I did without celebration, before moving on to the next.  When you’re so much in love with what you do everything that happens is tinged with specialness.


Now, even I consider these to be spectacular demonstrations of the possibilities available to me, but lets face it if I had stayed within my zone of comfort and turned down the offer of public speaking I would never have written the EFT article and consequently I would never have met lots of you wonderful ladies.


I acknowledge that this looks like big ‘stuff’ but I’m telling this story because what I wish for you is that you begin to recognise the wonderful subtle nuances occurring daily for all of us.  Sometimes we’re awake enough and aware enough to feel the nudges, embrace the moment, and take action, but many times we miss the window of opportunity because we have our noses too close up to the pane when we’re overly engrossed in the minutia of existence.  By allowing ourselves the freedom to let thoughts come and go, as they will, our only limit is our imagination.


Dreams can and most certainly do. Ask yourself:


“How does it get any better than this?” and “What else is possible?”


“I would like to say ‘thank you’ for sending the card I wrote (during your course earlier this year) back to me. In it was a wishlist of five lifestyle changes/promises I wanted to make to myself.


To be honest, I had forgotten all about the card and cannot even remember writing it!  However, I am absolutely amazed that every single change has actually come about. Had I not received the card I would not have realised just how ‘far’ I had come.” 

~ Marie Cragg, Wickersley, Rotherham. S. Yorks

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