Voicing your fear diminishes its power

I received these words from someone the other day:




"How annoying to get to the end and feel like you never dared to be your true self - that you never lived loud and hearty, that you played safe - only to end up dead anyway!"



It ties in perfectly with my musings of late on how to illustrate the way seeds of fear, doubt and self imposed limitations prevent us from experiencing all manner of possibilities so I'm posing this question for you to consider ...



"If fear didn't get in your way what would you dare to do?"



You don't have to pull something big out of the bag ... it's worth remembering, what seems insignificant to one person could be ginormous to another.



If we've met you'll know that I love meeting new people and I'm rarely lost for words especially when asked what I 'do' - I get all enthused and passionate about this work that is my calling. However, I am an introvert and (unless it's a 'safe' familiar all ladies event) mention the prospect of a network meeting and I'll find any and every excuse in the book to avoid (for me) the uncomfortable experience of 'selling myself' to a roomful of strangers, and the results are almost always the same - missed opportunities and not knowing what could have been if only ...



Here's my Challenge to you ....



Share your 'I DAREN'T, I can't, the thing you are most resistant to, I'd love to but ... and let's see what happens.

[bctt tweet=" Sometimes just the voicing of our fear diminishes it's power. "]


Sometimes sharing it with others and feeling their support takes us one step towards what we wish for, and sometimes it's just plain comforting and confirming for women to know they are not alone.


A not uncommon one is from women who would love to dare to do something for themselves without having to ask permission or consider someone else.


If you find the momentum to either 'give it a go' or to accomplish something you thought you couldn't PLEASE SHARE IT as an inspiration for others.




I am walking my own talk, honestly ...


I've signed up to go to an awards dinner on my own next week!


It was a decision big enough to strike terror in my heart initially - the thought of dressing up to the nines and being with a roomful of mostly unknown folks gives me the jitters but in a 'feel the fear and do it anyway' moment I had to reckoning that if I always steer shy of such gatherings I'm never likely to make new and interesting acquaintances.


At least this time I'm not in the limelight - the last and only one other I've attended - I received the Women Inspiring Women award and was almost in pieces. This time the intention is set to revel in joy of others and be in the moment.


Will let you know how it goes


So that's me for starters ... What about you?


Do tell




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