Is going it alone always best?

We can’t do it alone – connection is key


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As a teacher and Practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies I’ve worked with hundreds of people to recognise and realise their potential. And what I’ve learned is that things fall into place and flow much more easily when we feel we have support and guidance.


The notion that we can’t do it alone may resonate with the part of us that longs for connection and understanding and yet another part of us may find that difficult to acknowledge because as women we shouldn’t need to ask for anything. Wouldn’t embracing such an idea mean giving away our personal power and be akin to admitting to frailty?



Women are conditioned to be all things to all men … and women … and children. They are mother, daughter, sister, wife, partner, grandma, nurse, teacher, gardener, taxi driver, head cook and bottle washer etc, etc, etc. But how independent are we really?



When we’re with friends and groups of like minded individuals where everyone is focused on achieving something in particular personal breakthroughs are achieved, often surprisingly easily. But what happens when we leave that safe, supportive environment?  Do you find that the mundane, day to day events take over and just like after a good holiday – the benefits quickly become a vague, distant memory? For most of us in the absence of such rapport we quickly lose touch with the new potential that seemed so accessible in the gathering or workshop.



” I now feel less burdened by the baggage others have assigned to me and can actually say that I’m happy with me. You promised me that I would be the one that loved me most at the end of the course and you didn’t break that promise . I have been very active with spray paint on the wall of my rooms and the words placed there are my words not any critical words assigned by others other.  The freedom of not always feeling at fault is a gift that I will cherish and nurture for ever.” ~ Debbie



Although we like to think of ourselves as independent the reality is that we are social creatures and unless we surround ourselves with others who share our values and aspirations we find ourselves being drawn back to the ‘status quo’ that has become our lives.



I realise that this is a misquote but it’s something I refer to often and it’s that ‘We are the sum total of the people we associate with.’

When we wake up in a space where we can hear those words and take action to make changes the effects can be uncomfortable to say the least, but approached with care they can help us seek out those who are stars and sparks for us rather than those who are ‘energy vampires’ and drain our energy. For most of us there comes a time when a connection with kindred spirits becomes essential, almost to our well being.



“Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.”    ~   Oprah Winfrey



Ask yourself some important questions:


Of everyone I know, who can I truly be myself with?


Of my friends, family and colleagues, who truly shares my deepest values and has any idea of my true aspiration?


Is there anywhere in my life where I feel free to go beyond my comfort zones? To reach new heights without being worried I’ll ‘rock the boat’ or make other people feel insecure?


How can I discover that part of me that is yearning for acknowledgement and recognition?


Food for thought?  Where are you? How does this resonate with you?


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