What is it I ‘Do’?

sally canning When a woman embraces her true magnificence magic happens.“The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.”   Barbara Deangelis


Do you ever dawdle when you don’t really want to do something, hoping you will run out of time and have an excuse not to do something but instead of evaporating time seems to become elastic and you have to do it anyway?  That’s what I was doing that week, walking Gladys – further than I needed to because of the reluctance I was feeling – and then …. I had this light bulb moment.


Where do you get all your brightest ideas?

Mine are usually whilst I’m in the bath or dog walking.


They always seem to appear at times when there’s nothing to write on or with and try as I might to remember every detail some of it seems to elude me by the time I get to make scribbled notes.  I wonder if that happens with you too?


There I was throwing ideas around, trying to decide what it is I “Do” as a quick intro to a group of mostly disconnected, disinterested (my perception) folks and talking to myself out loud.  I always hope any by passers think I’m muttering to the pooch on the end of a lead.



Anyhow, I digress …  hmmm … “I’m an Energist?”  “I work with Energy Psychology”
“Yes but what does that mean to anyone who doesn’t know?”


“I’ve got it!!!  I’m an Alchemist!  Someone who facilitates change – from dull and lifeless into bright shiny objects”.  Eurica !
Big claims – “Yes but they might understand that – especially if I have a supporting prop in my clammy little hands”.


The-Alchemist-book-coverI raced home all excited and grabbed my copy of that brilliant book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Cohelo.
It’s about a young shepherd boy who goes off in search of riches only to learn the essential wisdom of listening to our inner knowings, of becoming aware of the abundance in life, of following our dreams and discovering that actually everything we could ever want or need is right here within each of us – Our Treasures Are All Within.


Did it work? – Not entirely sure, but I was happy and it’s given me lots of food for thought.


I’d really like to ask you – How does that analogy sound to those of you who have experienced the process of transformation in your lives?
You know how much I love and appreciate your valuable feedback.




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