What to do when you’re feeling Blahhhh!

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Do you ever feel like this?


I woke up the other day with a feeling of nothingness.


Morning rituals – oh no couldn’t be bothered with anything at all – not a good start! :0}


Usually I wake up raring to go with a dozen things racing through my mind and the desire to get going asap but on that day .. a phrase from long ago kept floating in and out.

How weird.


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Clark Gable’s famous retort to Vivien Leigh in the old classic Gone with the Wind


I still have no idea why I’d remember a line from a film I last saw twenty five years ago.  It doesn’t matter.  What was interesting for me was how to deal with being in that place.




Was it because it’s been quite humid and oppressive? – don’t think so I’m not a one to complain about the heat – I much prefer it to damp and shivering conditions.


Had I been inside too long? – No, I went swimming last night and walked Gladys


Was I missing company? – Certainly not – the last two days had been full and fulfilling


So what then?


You know, I just couldn’t put my finger on the cause of it.



So what can you do if you wake up feeling blahhh?


I’m not suggesting these will all work for you but selecting even one or two could make a difference.


1.  Even though I didn’t on that occasion I strongly suggest you do your morning ritual whatever it is.  When I mentor my clients I suggest a number of morning rituals to enhance and raise the energy of the day. It might be Morning Pages, the 3 thumps, meditation, yoga, anything that helps you center and ground your energy in preparation for the day ahead.


2.  Stay neutral.  Make no decisions.  Be accepting of where you are and how things are until your energy shifts.  It’s hard to have clarity when you’re feeling blocked.


3.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  If you body feels tired acknowledge that fact.  Do what is necessary and stay within your limitations – like in yoga – be where you are today – work with what you have.


4.  Play an uplifting track.  What kind of music lights you up, lifts your spirit?  What do you have at hand that’s easy to access – In my Reiki Room I play relaxing melodies but at the end of each album I have Take That’s “SHINE” on the ipod – now you may think it’s naff but it has become my anthem for a quick burst of sunshine.


5.  If you have a pet give yourself some stroke therapy.  Snuggle up and enjoy the undivided attention and unconditional love.


6.  Phone a friend – but only on the condition that you share how you feel for a brief few minutes and then change the subject.  You want to smile not wallow.


7.  Write it out.  Commit your thoughts to paper even if you can’t think of anything to say, write just that over and over until something shifts and something more interesting flows from your pen.


8.  Give yourself permission to have “one of those days”.  Know that they happen.  Just occasionally it’s okay and tomorrow is another bright beautiful sunshiny day :0)) x



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