What would you take?

Personal treasures


TREASURES-300x199The daily news bulletins showed the full force of how the bush fires took hold and ravaged the landscape of the Adelaide Hills taking homes and farmsteads in their wake. It was never far from anyone's thoughts this new year as the smoke billowed in the northern distance. Some people were reluctant to leave their homes and possessions.

It sparked a discussion ...


What are the personal treasures you value most?

What would you pick up and take with you?
What could you not bear to leave behind?
What means more to you than anything in the world you'd refuse to leave without it?


For me it's an easy one, recent events have shown me the real value of things in life come in the shape of friends and family and Gladys my gorgeous Greyhound girl too but what of just two material possessions?


My laptop - it carries so many thoughts and processes to do with this work, and photos and ideas. How surprising for someone who considers herself a non techie bird!


- My daughter, she wears her treasures - a necklace and a ring constantly so she could get out in a hurry no probs. Her friend sleeps with hers (specs and watch) in a box by her pillow every night.


- There was talk of childhood comforts and irreplaceable memorabilia. It could get all deep and meaningful


- Ohhh I almost forgot my second choice ... a bit vain it may seem but it is the thing that gives me most confidence, always has - Mascara, blue, Diorshow Overcurl if given a preference.
I know ... but it's the little things that make a difference.


How about you?
What would you take if you had to make a quick choice and a dash for it?

Please share your treasures in the space below xxx



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