Who wants change and a bit of self care?

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I saw a cartoon the other day – a speaker standing at a podium asked two questions of his audience:


The first …. Who wants change? The response was a unanimous sea of  waving arms


The second …. Who wants to change? Can you imagine the solitary hand cautiously wiggling it’s lonely fingers in the air?



So I asked my own question again

Who wants change?


I inquired about what it is women want answers to and this was a typical response:


“I’m really struggling to define my dream/goal never mind chase after it. I want change but life seems so busy and inflexible. I don’t have the energy or inclination to spend much time on me”.


I agree, life’s full, tons of commitments and dependencies. However, imagine we were working together … Are you sitting comfortably?


I’d begin by asking you to consider, “Who’s dependent on who?”


And then I’d be tempted to ask a really brutal question:


What would happen … God forbid, if something happened to you like it did to me this time last year? I’m not saying the shit sandwich of being given a limited time to live (what do they know anyway?) but what if you were incapacitated for any reason?
How would you prioritise then?


You’re talking to the woman who knowing there was a huge tumour and the virtual certainty of the final diagnosis got on a plane to Australia for FIVE DAYS simply to ensure my son could see I wasn’t going to suddenly expire and raced back for the next appointment. Superwoman I most certainly am not – It was absolute madness, but that’s just to illustrate the point of how I like you put other people first. And I did it again a few weeks later but for fourteen days that time.



Hero, victim, martyr the choice is yours


What I want to impress upon you is that we think we’re invincible and indispensable when actually no one but us expects the extremes we ask of ourselves.


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Yes we have commitments, yes we want to demonstrate our unwavering love and support but when the chips are down what do you think happens? From personal experience I can assure you, you would be amazed at how those around you rise to the occasion.



Take five to gain some clarity


Before you get yourself a big wake up call take a moment or two or five and think about how you are going to carve out a little time for you.


I could give you all the ‘organise your time/day’ ‘find your passion’ sheets – I have loads – but truthfully until you stop short and take a look at what you’re doing, why you’re doing what you’re doing – I mean really honestly why you’re doing it and how it’s feeding your own needs you’re never gonna change a thing. If you can’t figure it out for yourself and need a helping hand to shift your recurring patterns it’s what I do best.


Get-in-touch-today-If you feel like you’re ready …

If you feel you’d like some real compassionate expert support and you would like to talk about how I can help you GET IN TOUCH  I offer really effective combined EFT and Energy Therapy sessions to bring rapid results face-to-face, by Skype and by telephone from wherever you are in the world.


Remember though,

you have to want to make a change.

Lots of folks bemoan the fact that life’s overwhelming but they never ever take one tiny step to lighten the load. Truly it is about choices and having the courage to make them. Who wants change? Tiny steps really do make big differences.


So I’m asking you … How are you going to practice a little self care to move you closer to being happy with who you really are and having the time to appreciate that discovery?


Please leave a comment in the space below. Let’s get this conversation moving


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