Dare to be YOU! Workshops

"My gift is to see the potential in people they are unable to recognise for themselves and to help them embrace their infinite possibilities"


When women share with other like minded individuals something magical happens - creativity takes flight - connections are formed of unspeakable power - friendship fills the air - our vulnerabilities are transformed into strengths - we become aware of new dimensions - our stories become mirrors for one another - they contain the answers to our own questions and we gift each other with the power of possibility.  Yes, women truly are the masters of relationship.


DARE TO DREAM Workshops aren't just about deciding what you want ...
They are created to identify and eliminate the thoughts, excuses and hand me down beliefs that keep you stuck and prevent you embracing your dreams.

Getting clear about what it is you really want is vital in attracting your desires into your life experience. You'll discover the missing component to manifesting the life of your dreams.




Together we identify the Excuses and Limiting Beliefs that keep you stuck and whilst sampling a self help technique that can help you to let them go, quickly and easily. Combining EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Visioning puts the wind beneath your wings and lifts you higher and further than you ever thought possible. I know, it sounds incredible but it is true.



It's fun, experiential, inspirational, transformational. I want you to experience what it's like to Spread Your Wings and Discover what you want for yourself.

I've designed DARE TO DREAM especially for women who are seeking to discover their inner voice to experience more fully the life they wish to live, even if they don't know what that looks like right now.





"It was far more than just a workshop day, I enjoyed it so much.

It's so easy to allow ourselves to just accept our limiting beliefs as fact, and I'm beginning to understand that it is possible to have courage and believe in yourself"


~ Caroline Stafford, Nottinghamshire TheKitschHenCakes/Facebook.com

We work and play in a safe, supportive, nourishing environment, where you have fun experiencing new and exciting ways to help you to move from where you are now to where you want to be. You are free as a bird to create, play, laugh, breathe, BE YOU, because how often are you given permission to JUST BE YOU?




Debs_Pic"I cannot remember how my picture physically evolved. I do, however, remember every emotion and tear that built the colour and vibrance of the image I created that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

Now it has been put down on canvas I no longer need to carry its heavy emotional load"

~ Debbie, CEO of My Life, Derby


Here's your opportunity to close your eyes, reconnect with who you are inside, share a safe nourishing space with fabulous women, have fun and literally see what unfolds ... It's sure to be enlightening


Joyful thoughts from participants of a Dare to be You! Workshop

- magic can happen on days like this where you gather your courage to spread your wings

Dare To Dream

Kind Words

"Seeing Sally in action was wonderful. She inspires trust and confidence in an easy and warm way.

I have seen many trainers and workshop deliveries in 37 years in AnnieEducation and delivered quite a few myself! Sally was just the perfect mix of professionalism, depth of knowledge and skill in bringing the best out in people and incredibly empathetic.

She shared some of her personal background that added to the confidence we had in her as we could see that she had a true and personal belief in what she was doing and how it can change lives. This, coupled with the 28 days of gratitude has been the best experience I have had for a very long time. It has given me a huge boost and energy for the future."

Annie Eagle, Hampshire

Helen McNallenI came here and got out of it exactly what I wanted.
I’ve been stuck in a rut for a long time and afraid to move forward with my own business
– what I’m taking away from this is feeling totally capable of moving forward.

Thank you for being inspirational.”


Helen McNallen www.depressioncanbefun.com

                                                                                                JULES copy

"I think bringing women together forms new friendships with people that are on a similar page, it can be lonely sometimes ...
You sharing your story highlighted that we all have the power in us to go for what we want in life for happiness and to be true to ourselves.
The venue was perfect for this workshop - The room had a really good energy about it, and was beautiful too."

Julie Christian, Worksop, Notts Find Jules in Yoga on Facebook