Transformational Mentor and winner of the Women Inspiring Women Award


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Helping women cultivate confidence & courage

to be seen heard & honoured for who they are and what they do.

"Sally resonates to the core of your soul and gives you both the courage and inspiration to step forward and live your life" 

~ Maria Chappel, Chi-Ki Holistic Health


Remember who YOU are ... Dare to be YOU ...

Start living YOUR Dream

All too often I hear women express themselves in these ways .. "It's like I'm dead inside" ... "I feel like a caged bird" ... "I have no idea of who I am any more" ... "I can't even imagine how it feels to be joyful".


But you know, it doesn't have to be that way.


I am passionate about helping women step out of those dark and lonely places. I can offer you the supporting hand you're longing for. We can work face-to-face, by Skype or by telephone from wherever you are in the world.


I have proven fast, fun and effective ways of helping you to reclaim your confidence, your personal power and to reconnect with who you really are. I see it happen over and over again when I work with women who are ready to step up into the light of who they secretly know themselves to be.

Want help reconnect with parts of yourself you thought were forgotten or lost and begin to feel alive, inspired and vital like the woman you know you're meant to be?

What's standing between you being the bright jewel who's been hidden away for who knows how long and whatever you really want is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.


Together we can change that story.


"You see the genius in people and lift confidence to help them just do it!"

~ Julie Christian

My role as transformational Mentor is to help and support women like yourself through confusion and soul searching to a place of clarity and inner calm. Away from overwhelm, hopelessness, the empty sinking feelings, the frustration of knowing something HAS to change but having no clue how. Because you don't even know who you are anymore. Because your dreams are never any more than that ...  just dreams ... To a space of certainty, authenticity, being in alignment with your values, your hopes and renewed intentions – Your true self.

As an intuitive, experienced Mentor and teacher I guide you and accompany you on a uniquely personal journey of self care and transformation. I help you identify and work through your emotional blocks to reconnect with your inner wisdom, your courage and faith. Transcending your fears enables you to explore unfulfilled, maybe even unspoken desires, identify your gifts and your strengths to enable you to be seen in the world, your world!

I can help you to Remember who YOU are.


Rediscover the person you were inside before all the protective masks and cloaks went on. I'll support you and teach you how to Dare to be YOU, to step into the light of who you really are - Your bright, shiny, beautiful self.


Sound good? Just what you've been looking for? Great!








"There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herselff; comfortable in her perfect imperfection" 

                          ~ Steve Maraboli


About Me

I am … dreamer, a woman in love with this dance we call life, proud mama, teacher, inspirational speaker … mostly joyful, sometimes silly, sometimes serious … an introvert, storyteller, writer, sensitive intuitive, creator of safe spaces, facilitator of transformation … courageous, authentic, resilient, empowered ... recovering perfectionist.

I say it like it is. I believe in tough love coupled with kind and gentle support. I Dare to dream, I Dare to live out loud, and I Dare YOU to Remember who you are.

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Award winning mentor and coach, working with women to enable personal growth

Kind Words



"After I lost my first son in childbirth my world came crashing down, my relationship suffered, and my health dramatically plummeted. I was going through life unconsciously from day to day not living in the moment. I shut myself down from all the joyful experiences and feelings I used to have, my self talk was horrendous. I was a bully because I felt guilty and ashamed. I had followed Sally's blogs for years and decided I couldn't live like this anymore.

Sally provided me with a trusting and loving space where I felt safe to connect to my emotions and my true self. This work is amazing it connects us back to our hearts, and accepting ourselves. I now have so much more self confidence and self esteem."


Jodie Lovie, Retford, Notts "Embrace Your Pregnancy Journey!" Jodie takes an integrative approach to helping women to healthier choices and lifestyle changes on their fertility, pregnancy and post partum journey.







"You work from the inside out, addressing the root cause(s) and not just the symptoms.

It’s like I’ve been woken up from a long sleep and now have permission to be my own creation, no-one else’s.

For anyone who has spent years reading self help books, had counselling and / or relied upon medication to survive and is still struggling – work with Sally.

Marion Beloe, Ashbourne. Derbyshire




Kathy Pearson"I was 'just a mum' 'just a teacher' & 'just someone's partner'. I was 'just' existing.

I had totally lost who I was, who I was supposed to be.
I knew something had to change and I needed to take action to find my happiness again.

I'm a totally different person; Ultimately I now know who the real authentic me is and that is pretty much priceless. Looking back now it was the best decision of my life!"

~ Kathryn Pearson, Teen Yoga/Pilates. Dinnington, Sheffield